This workshop will give massage therapists additional soft tissue skills in Soft Tissue Release and Soft Tissue Mobilisation.

Soft tissue release (or STR) is a technique of assisted stretching of muscle fibres, tendon and fascia. STR involves repeatedly and quickly stretching small areas of the soft tissue using static pressure and either active or passive movements from your client.

Soft Tissue Mobilisation is used to relax muscles, promote healing and breakdown scar tissue, and works by mobilising muscles and therefore breaking up scar tissue. The mobilisations also help to remove waste products from the damaged area which increases the speed of the healing process. Soft tissue mobilisation also helps to release the tension in the muscle which increases flexibility and range of movement.

This workshop is suitable for all massage/manual therapists and bodyworkers.

CPD Credits: 8

Workshop Fee:  

£99.00 Full Fee

£89.00 STO Standard Members

£79.00 STO Gold/Platinum Members

No dates available at the moment.