Animal Movement Workshop


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    Over the past decade I have been practicing these movements, as introduced to me by my Jiu Jitsu instructor. To my knowledge they were developed by Professor Alvaro Romano in a system named Ginastica Natural. More recently they have garnered popularity through the work of Ido Portal, Tom Weksler, Mike Fitch and other movement artists. The movements range from the relatively simple, performed to enhance endurance, to extremely difficult used as part of strength and power development. The benefits of incorporating these movements into one’s own practice, or for those of your clients, range from corrective exercise to high performance athleticism. Whilst they are at times challenging, they are never boring, often creating a sense of accomplishment that has synergistic carry over into other physical pursuits.

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    £75.00 STO Members
    £99.00 non-STO members


    Dates 2016


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