Treating Peripheral Nerve Entrapment

Cost:  £89.00


Manchester Workshop Dates:

25th April 2020



Course Content


 Nerve entrapments of the upper extremity are common in sports or activiand typically related to excessive traction around a joint, as in throwing, which in turn leads to compression, inflammation and adhesions from repetitive stress. 


The main nerve entrapments in the upper extremity involve the median, ulnar, radial and musculocutaneous nerves.


This course teaches how to assess and treat the common types of peripheral nerve entrapment, including  "pseudo entrapments".

Entry Requirements: This workshop is suitable for all manual therapists (massage, remedial, sports) and bodyworkers and therapists who regularly face ‘clients in pain’!

CPD Credits: 7


  • Treating Peripheral Nerve Entrapment
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