From July 19th the coronavirus restrictions in England have been eased.  We still have strict health, safety and hygiene procedures in place as follows. 

1.  Lateral flow tests are recommended for your own peace of mind, and that of fellow students. You can obtain free test kits online or from most pharmacies.   We reserve the right to require lateral flow tests to be performed prior to entering the training room - tests will be provided in these instances.

2.  You must not have any Covid symptoms or tested positive for Covid, nor come into contact with anyone that has tested positive for Covid and be required to self-isolate.  

3.  You can wear a face mask or transparent visor whilst training - this will be personal choice.  None of the AHG team will be wearing any face coverings.

4.  You will have to sanitise your hands on entry, before and after touching any other person during training, and ensure your work station is sanitised thoroughly.

5.  You must follow the health and safety instructions of your tutor.

6.  You must bring in 2 large towels for use during the massage sessions.

Please note.  As per our terms and conditions, we reserve the right to refuse entry to training and to ask students to leave the training room, should the tutor feel that the student is showing any signs of illness or infections.  

Classes start at 10am prompt, and the training centre opens at 9.30am, so please arrive before 9.55am.

Please note:  Our risk assessment remains priority and so we will no longer allow for late entry unless this has been pre-authorised.  You will risk losing your space and having to rebook.