Level 5 Sports Massage and Soft Tissue Therapy


Level 3 Diploma in Sports Massage Therapy.  If you do not hold a Level 3 Sports Massage qualification, you can attend our access course.   You will also need to hold the Level 2 VTCT Infection Control qualification - you can book our online cours if you do not hold this.  If you hold a Level 4 Sports Massage qualification (completed in the last 5 years - please contact us as you may receive module credits).


This is the highest level Ofqual Regulated Sports Massage qualification in the UK.  

It has been designed to give the candidate the highest level of training in Sports Massage and Soft Tissue Therapy to enable you to be recognised amongst the elite of the profession.

The need for higher level qualifications has never been greater, as we see the Sports Massage profession gaining greater recognition in the medical and healthcare field.

Upon successful completion you will be able to join all of the following organisations:

  • Sports Therapy Organisation - Leading Sports Therapy Professional Association

  • Sports Massage Association - Leading Soft Tissue Therapy Professional Association

  • Federation of Holistic Therapists - Professional Association and Accredited Register

  • CNHC - Sports Massage Regulator and Accredited Register


The main skills you will learn are:

  • Soft Tissue Manipulation*

  • Soft Tissue Release

  • Trigger Point Therapy*

  • Myofascial Release*

  • Myofascial Postural Restructuring*

  • Muscle Energy Techniques

  • PNF

  • Static Stretching

  • Postural Assessments

  • Clinical Orthopedic Assessments

  • Walking gait analysis

  • Movement analysis

  • Hot and Cold Therapy

  • Sports Injuries and Soft Tissue Dysfunction

VTCT Level 5 Diploma in Sports Massage Therapy (QCF)

AHG Level 5 Diploma in Soft Tissue Therapy



If you hold a minimum Level 3 Sports Massage qualification you will attend 20 in-class days, plus two additional assessment days, plus home study, plus 100 hours case studies.


In addition to this you will be required to attend approximately 60 hours of online Zoom theory lessons*, and  obtain 100 hours of case studies (many of which can be completed in our student clinic if you wish).  There is also approximately 400 logged hours of home study on our online classroom to complete.  (You will need access to the internet, and a PC or Laptop with Word/PDF reader).    *We have a flexible online schedule to support our learners.  



As a private training provider we do not receive government funding.  We also do not accept Advanced Learner Loans.


Course fees can be found next to the course dates.​


Weekends.  2 spaces available.

WKD0821:  7th/8th August; 11th/12th September; 2nd/3rd  October; 6th/7th November; 4th/5th December; 22nd/23rd January 2022; 19th/20th February; 5th/6th March; 2nd/3rd April; 14th/15th May. 

Course fee £2695.00 payable in 10 monthly payments of £269.50.  Pay in full for 10% discount.

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