Level 6 Masters Diploma in

Advanced Clinical Sports Therapy

AHG Level 6 Masters Diploma in Advanced Clinical Sports Therapy

Pre-requiresites: AHG Foundation Course

Often seen as an alternative to an NHS Physiotherapist which focuses on neurology, geriatric, pediatric and respiratory, a Sports Therapist will specialise in Musculoskeletal conditions, including – but not limited to – sports injuries, back pain, posture, and joint issues.

Level 6 at Active Health Group

Outstanding Quality

Following the increasing demand for Sports Massage, Musculoskeletal and Sports Injury services, and the growing NHS waiting list, AHG has built a unique Level 6 Masters Diploma in Sports Therapy & Rehabilitation.     Whilst our Level 5 Advanced Sports Therapy qualification is more than enough for you to run a successful practice, our graduates wanted us to develop a progression route, hence our Level 6 programme.

We guarantee that there is no course like this anywhere in the world, as we have used our educational and market experience to develop a completely unique programme that builds on our highly successful Level 5 Advanced Diploma, with the addition of advanced myofascial release, medical acupuncture, sports psychology, oncology massage, and sports nutrition.   New for 2020 and due to high demand, we have added an Integrative Health Coach pathway on our Level 6 programme, which adds a completely new dimension to your practice, and makes our Level 6 graduates some of the highest 'in-demand' therapists in the UK! 




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Full price: £7995.00, pay in instalments.   Typical instalments £1,000 deposit and 24 monthly payments of £291.46.  £2,000 deposit and 36 monthly instalments of £166.53.

Pay in full at enrolment: £6396.00 (20% discount).

Course Dates

Manchester Venue

The maximum duration for the level 6 course is 4 years, however, you can complete in less time depending on your own training or payment schedule.   All students will undertake Module One as the first module, and then all other modules can be taken in order of preference.

2020 Dates - all practical training held in Manchester.


Module One Dates (please choose just ONE set of dates):

Weekends: WKD0620: 4th/5th July; 1st/2nd August; 5th/6th Sept; 3rd/4th Oct; 31st Oct/1st Nov; 5th/6th Dec; 16th/17th Jan; 6th/7th Feb;  6th/7th March; 17th/18th Apr; 8th/9th May;  5th/6th June;  4th/5th July;  31st Jul/1st Aug; 4th/5th September. Waiting List Open

Weekends: WKD1020: 10th/11th October; 7th/8th November; 12th/13th December; 23rd/24th Jan 2021; 27th/28th Feb; 27th/28th March; 24th/25th April; 22rd/23th May; 26th/27th June; 24th/25th July; 21st/22nd August; 25th/26th September; 23rd/24th October; 27th/28th November, 11th/12th December.

Weekdays: MON1020: 12th - 16th October; 9th - 13th November; 7th - 11th December; 11th - 15th January 2021; 15th - 19th February; 15th - 19th March.

Due to coronavirus, the following module dates are TBC.

Module Two (Advanced Myofascial Release):


Module Three (Medical Acupuncture Level 1)  1 weekend


Module Four (Oncology Massage) 3 days


Module Five (Dissertation) 1day


Module Six (Health Coach) - Online Only

Module Seven (Sports Psychology) - Online Only

PLEASE NOTE:  In order to make this course more financially viable.  Candidates can opt to be certified after each module, subject to our usual T's&C's, and once all of the modules are completed gain their Level 6 qualification.  This will allow the candidate to obtain insurance to practice each module.

Level 6 Masters Diploma in Advanced Sports Therapy
Active Health Group
Level 6 Masters Diploma in Advanced Sports Therapy
Active Health Group
Level 6 Masters Diploma in Advanced Sports Therapy
Active Health Group

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