Our team

  • Richard JohnsonFounder and School Principal

    Richard Johnson is a Clinical Sports Therapist by profession, and one of the leading figures in the Sports Therapy industry in the UK.

    Richard also founded Active Health Group, the internationally recognised Sports Therapy training provider, Sports Therapy Organisation, the leading Professional Association for Sports Therapists in the UK, and Active Health Awards, a vocational awarding organisation offering health and fitness qualifications.

    Richards’ passion is Sports Therapy and the way it can transform people’s lives, and in his career since the late 1990’s he has logged over 20,000 treatment hours and trained well over 1,000 sports therapists… chances are, if you have a sports therapy treatment anywhere in the UK, Richard will have been involved in their training at some point!

    Hi is also interested in the mind-body link and giving a holistic professional and successful package of treatment.

  • Christian PlattsPrincipal Tutor

    Christian graduated with Active Health Group back in 2001. Throughout his 12 years as a Sports Therapist, he has actively been working in his clinic treating injuries and postural dysfunction. In 2004, he began teaching for Active Health Group and in 2006 developed the first diploma level training course in the UK for using Myofascial Release to restructure posture.

    Since then, he has had the opportunity to work with various musical theatre productions throughout the UK. He has also had many appointments to work with actors, presenters and sports personalities across the country. He currently works with athletes at county and national level. Through his assistance with one of the leading athletics coach in the North, Christian has helped to rebuild, maintain and rehabilitate competitive athletes who have gone on to gain prestigious qualifications and acolades, including world records.

    Christian is also a published writer, delivers presentations at conferences and is the Registrar for the Sports Therapy Organisation. He mentors many clients on an emotional-intelligence basis, supporting them and encouraging them with his skills. His fascination and understanding of the Body and Mind link keeps him committed to learning and researching, and he is not adverse to travelling the world to increase his knowledge to make sure he keeps at the top of his game.

    Christian is a keen supporter of charitable work and has been to Malawi twice, been involved in the crew for a John O’Groates to Lands End cycle and is committed to helping promote the Sports Therapy Industry and developing and supporting Active Health Group graduates.

    As a practice partner, he is also committed to taking on the best therapists possible, and believes in developing and promoting all of City Therapy therapists. So you can be assured that you are gaining the best treatments in Manchester from everyone who works here.

  • Bradley GeorgeTraining Manager & Sports Therapist

    Bradley has completed a Level 5 Advanced Diploma in Clinical Sports Therapy with Active Health Group. He is also the Training manager for AHG and an assistant tutor. His passion for exercise and the way it influences the body has lead him on his way to uncovering the secrets of the body.

    Before coming over to England to study he used to played semi-professional football in his country Bulgaria. Fitness has always been a big part of his life and his main goal is to be able to teach other people what AHG and experience has taught him about the body and mind.

  • Kirsty CooperTutor and Personal Trainer
  • Dawn RothwellTutor and Equine Therapist
  • Jennifer OssaTutor and Sports Therapist

    Jenny is a highly skilled Sports Therapist who loves being active, spending time outdoors and travelling. She is a huge fan of good food,  family and friends, and is really passionate about Remedial Massage and Sports Therapy.

    “Our lives are so full and fast. We put our bodies through so many stresses and strains and are led to believe that the majority of our aches and pains are something that are a part of our lives; apart of growing old and simply to be accepted.”

    Jenny has a great mentor: her grandfather. A well studied, travelled, and knowledgeable man, he is a great Homeopathic Doctor (peer of Dr. Vogel) and is highly esteemed in this field of alternative medicine. He taught Jenny to “never stop asking. Never to simply accept what you hear, or are told but to question everything”.

    Though she has worked with athletes and sporting professionals in the clinic, and pitch-side at sporting events as part of a team both here in the UK and abroad, the majority of her clients are everyday people who come to her in search for ‘alternative’ forms of treatments to help with both their acute and chronic aches, pains and injuries. The techniques found within Remedial Massage and Sports Therapy are scientifically proven, hands-on manipulations of soft tissue. These will help you with the aches and pains caused by everyday life or injury. Many of Jenny’s clients tell me how much better they feel after just one, stand-alone treatment.

    Jenny passionately believes that no one should be left to accept that we have to needlessly accept pain. Remedial and Sports Therapy can help. You don’t need to be an athlete or sporting professional to benefit from it.

  • Alexander BoylanAcupuncture Tutor

    Alexander has an honours degree in Chinese Medicine & Acupuncture from Salford University and is a member of the British Acupuncture Council. He has been practicing as a professional acupuncturist since 2005 and runs a busy clinic in Manchester city centre, working with professional, Olympic & Commonwealth athletes and members of the public. His pursuit of clinical excellence has taken him to further his education with some of the best tutors the UK and the United States have to offer, including studying Classical Acupuncture with Master Jeffrey Yuen and the highly effective Tung Style Acupuncture with Dr. Henry McCann.

    A truly integrated therapist, Alexander is trained and experienced in using Myofascial Release, Neuro-muscular therapy, Acupuncture, Deep-tissue Massage, Be Activated movement therapy, NLP and Strategic Intervention. He specialises in working with musculo-skeletal pain & dysfunction, neurological pain, and uses his unique blend of skills to help his clients overcome both acute and chronic long-standing conditions.

    Alexander’s energy, enthusiasm and commitment to giving his clients the best possible service has built a reputation as a Therapist which is second to none, and now he is both delighted and excited to be bringing all these attributes to teaching and sharing his knowledge with the students of Active Health Group.