Our team

  • Richard JohnsonFounder and School Principal

    Richard Johnson is a Clinical Sports Therapist by profession, and one of the leading figures in the Sports Therapy industry in the UK.

    Richard also founded Active Health Group, the internationally recognised Sports Therapy training provider, Sports Therapy Organisation, the leading Professional Association for Sports Therapists in the UK, and Active Health Awards, a vocational awarding organisation offering health and fitness qualifications.

    Richards’ passion is Sports Therapy and the way it can transform people’s lives, and in his career since the late 1990’s he has logged over 20,000 treatment hours and trained well over 1,000 sports therapists… chances are, if you have a sports therapy treatment anywhere in the UK, Richard will have been involved in their training at some point!

    Hi is also interested in the mind-body link and giving a holistic professional and successful package of treatment.

  • Christian PlattsPrincipal Tutor

    Christian graduated with Active Health Group back in 2001. Throughout his 12 years as a Sports Therapist, he has actively been working in his clinic treating injuries and postural dysfunction. In 2004, he began teaching for Active Health Group and in 2006 developed the first diploma level training course in the UK for using Myofascial Release to restructure posture.

    Since then, he has had the opportunity to work with various musical theatre productions throughout the UK. He has also had many appointments to work with actors, presenters and sports personalities across the country. He currently works with athletes at county and national level. Through his assistance with one of the leading athletics coach in the North, Christian has helped to rebuild, maintain and rehabilitate competitive athletes who have gone on to gain prestigious qualifications and acolades, including world records.

    Christian is also a published writer, delivers presentations at conferences and is the Registrar for the Sports Therapy Organisation. He mentors many clients on an emotional-intelligence basis, supporting them and encouraging them with his skills. His fascination and understanding of the Body and Mind link keeps him committed to learning and researching, and he is not adverse to travelling the world to increase his knowledge to make sure he keeps at the top of his game.

    Christian is a keen supporter of charitable work and has been to Malawi twice, been involved in the crew for a John O’Groates to Lands End cycle and is committed to helping promote the Sports Therapy Industry and developing and supporting Active Health Group graduates.

    As a practice partner, he is also committed to taking on the best therapists possible, and believes in developing and promoting all of City Therapy therapists. So you can be assured that you are gaining the best treatments in Manchester from everyone who works here.

  • Bradley GeorgeTutor & Sports Therapist

    Brad has been involved in the Sports Medicine industry for over 5 years, completing qualifications in Sports Therapy including a degree in Sports Psychology and Business Management. As well as a tutor for Active Health Group, Brad works with a healthcare company providing injury treatment and rehab for semi-professional and professional sports clubs around the country.

    Prior to being involved in this industry, Brad had his eyes on becoming a professional footballer, playing for football clubs in his home country – Bulgaria. On arriving to the UK; life presented him another path, and he left competitive sport. He still loves playing tho!

    Brad’s main passion is alternative and integrative medicine; manual therapy, functional medicine, corrective exercise and rehab and neurological treatment of a variety of injuries. He fell in love with the complexity of the human body from a young age, and hasn’t stopped exploring it and discovering various aspects.

    ‘I am extremely grateful to be able to share my passion and knowledge with like-minded people, such as our students at AHG, who are keen on learning and exploring in the same way I do.

    Being in class, amongst people like that makes me feel like I belong and I see myself as someone who helps people find knowledge, rather than someone who gives it. I believe working on something you love can teach you a lot about yourself and how the world works.’

    In his spare time Brad trains his mind via listening to podcasts and audio books and his physical body by challenging its capabilities. He believes that the mind and the body are interconnected and the performance and wellbeing of one is hugely dependant on the other.

  • Kirsty CooperTutor and Personal Trainer
  • Dawn RothwellTutor and Equine Therapist

    Dawn Rothwell graduated from Active Health Group in 2010, obtaining a distinction for the Advanced L5 Sports Therapy & Remedial Massage Diploma. She then gained a distinction in Equine & Canine Sports Therapy, and an Advanced Diploma in Myofascial Release Therapy. Further qualifications include Medical Acupuncture, Spinal Manipulation, Qinopractic Medicine and Thermal Imaging.  

    Dawn specialises in Microcurrent Technology and is the UK’s leading consultant for “Alpha-Stim”, regularly speaking at conferences both in the UK and Europe. She has worked as an advisor to Manchester City FC, Everton FC and Watford FC, using Microcurrent Technology for pain management, stress, and anxiety.

    Dawn is a tutor for Active Health Group and an Assessor for AHGA and STO plus she is a fully qualified hypnotherapist, NLP practitioner and personal development coach.

    Her own practice ‘Pennine Therapy Group’ is nestled in the Saddleworth area of the Pennines where she and her team offer many different services to her numerous clients.

    With a passion for horses, Dawn has worked in the equine industry for over 35 years and is a fully qualified British Horse Society Instructor and member of the “NASC” (National Association of Sports Coaches).  Offering training for a Diploma in Equine Sports Therapy, one day Equine Massage workshops and personal/team development days, she uses her own horses as facilitators and shares her wealth of knowledge and coaching skills.

    “As a Sports Therapist and Personal Development Coach I encourage people to recognise the importance of the mind – body connection and the effects this can have when the two are out of balance.  I have a particular interest in developing both the physical and psychological wellbeing of my clients and work nationally and internationally with athletes and horses to facilitate success in competitions and various challenges with outstanding results. With this in mind I enjoy passing that experience and knowledge onto my students at AHG”

  • Neil DaviesTutor, Sports Therapist and Sound Therapist

    Neil is a Sports Therapist, Strength and Conditioning Coach and Sound Therapist. He holds a Masters Degree in Athletic Conditioning and Exercise Rehabilitation and a Bachelors Degree in Exercise Prescription and Management.

    Neil is currently undertaking his Masters Diploma in Advanced Clinical Sports Therapy and has further studied; Advanced Myofascial Release, Medical Acupuncture, Vocal Massage, Acupressure, Kinesiology Taping and Athletic Taping.

    As a firm believer in continual education Neil developed and delivered courses at Universities, Health and Fitness Institutes and Sport Clubs in New Zealand, Latvia and the UK covering; Sports Training, Remedial Physical Activity, Athletic Injuries & Biomechanics, Exercise Prescription & Testing and Personal Training.

    Born in South Africa to a former Team GB Trampolinist, Neil grew up playing numerous sports at representative level. He developed an affinity for sports performance, and was exposed to the need for a holistic outlook on health, nutrition and fitness.

    Neil emigrated to New Zealand to study and work holding variety of roles as a; Sport Scientist, Strength & Conditioning Coach, Sports Medic and Exercise Rehabilitation Specialist with athletes and teams attending World Championship, World Cup and Olympic events.

    Since leaving NZ nearly 10 years ago he continued on this path working in Eastern Europe, London and now his new home Manchester.

    Aside from health and fitness; music and sound holds a place close to his heart. Neil trained as a Sound Therapist in Spain with the founding members of the International Association of Sound Therapy; Nestor Kornblum and Michel Averard, and holds a Diploma in Sound Therapy and Overtone Singing (IAST).

    Neil offers one to one Sound Healings and group Sound Journeys in Manchester, UK and at a variety of Healing Retreats and Music and Wellness events in Europe and the UK and has a deep understanding of the power and healing nature of sound vibrations.

    His intuitive knowledge of when to offer the right sound at the right time with the right intention and purpose to effect change on physical, mental, emotional, energetic levels stems from working professionally with sound around the world for over 17 years.

    During this time he has hosted radio shows host on Radio One (New Zealand) and NSB Radio, produced music and performed as a DJ in a variety of countries from New Zealand to Latvia, Ireland to Singapore and still performs monthly and on radio in the UK.

    Whether its helping relieve pain or re-balance body and mind from the stresses of daily life and its activities, Neil sees that working holistically and as a team towards a common outcome is the optimal avenue to achieving success.

  • James Lawrence HensonTutor & Sports Therapist

    James has a BA (hons) in Professional Dance and Performance; he qualified at our highest level; Active Health Group’s Level 6 Diploma in Sports Therapy, he is an Advanced Myofascial Practitioner, a Dry Needling practitioner and an Ashtanga Yoga teacher and practitioner.

    As a tutor for Active Health Group James can pass down all the knowledge he’s learnt from his years of dancing, teaching yoga and time he’s spent actively working in a clinic setting. James is currently a practitioner at City Therapy; Active Health Group’s in-house clinic. His fun and gentle approach to teaching means students always feel comfortable and at ease with learning new subjects.

    ‘Learning a new subject and working with something as intricate and fascinating as the human body can be a daunting process but with time, practice, patience and some hard work I’m there to support my students every step of the way.’

    James has a keen interest in the outdoors and in his spare time can be found close to nature on miniature adventures with his side-kick bailey (the Lhasa Poo). Being able to hike, climb and explore is a huge part of his life and nothing feels more natural than moving in nature.

  • Alexander BoylanAcupuncture Tutor

    Alexander has an honours degree in Chinese Medicine & Acupuncture from Salford University and is a member of the British Acupuncture Council. He has been practicing as a professional acupuncturist since 2005 and runs a busy clinic in Manchester city centre, working with professional, Olympic & Commonwealth athletes and members of the public. His pursuit of clinical excellence has taken him to further his education with some of the best tutors the UK and the United States have to offer, including studying Classical Acupuncture with Master Jeffrey Yuen and the highly effective Tung Style Acupuncture with Dr. Henry McCann.

    A truly integrated therapist, Alexander is trained and experienced in using Myofascial Release, Neuro-muscular therapy, Acupuncture, Deep-tissue Massage, Be Activated movement therapy, NLP and Strategic Intervention. He specialises in working with musculo-skeletal pain & dysfunction, neurological pain, and uses his unique blend of skills to help his clients overcome both acute and chronic long-standing conditions.

    Alexander’s energy, enthusiasm and commitment to giving his clients the best possible service has built a reputation as a Therapist which is second to none, and now he is both delighted and excited to be bringing all these attributes to teaching and sharing his knowledge with the students of Active Health Group.