Brad has been involved in the Sports Medicine industry for over 5 years, completing qualifications in Sports Therapy including a degree in Sports Psychology and Business Management. As well as a tutor for Active Health Group, Brad works with a healthcare company providing injury treatment and rehab for semi-professional and professional sports clubs around the country.

Prior to being involved in this industry, Brad had his eyes on becoming a professional footballer, playing for football clubs in his home country – Bulgaria. On arriving to the UK; life presented him another path, and he left competitive sport. He still loves playing tho!

Brad’s main passion is alternative and integrative medicine; manual therapy, functional medicine, corrective exercise and rehab and neurological treatment of a variety of injuries. He fell in love with the complexity of the human body from a young age, and hasn’t stopped exploring it and discovering various aspects.

‘I am extremely grateful to be able to share my passion and knowledge with like-minded people, such as our students at AHG, who are keen on learning and exploring in the same way I do.

Being in class, amongst people like that makes me feel like I belong and I see myself as someone who helps people find knowledge, rather than someone who gives it. I believe working on something you love can teach you a lot about yourself and how the world works.’

In his spare time Brad trains his mind via listening to podcasts and audio books and his physical body by challenging its capabilities. He believes that the mind and the body are interconnected and the performance and wellbeing of one is hugely dependant on the other.