James has a BA (hons) in Professional Dance and Performance; he qualified at our highest level; Active Health Group’s Level 6 Diploma in Sports Therapy, he is an Advanced Myofascial Practitioner, a Dry Needling practitioner and an Ashtanga Yoga teacher and practitioner.

As a tutor for Active Health Group James can pass down all the knowledge he’s learnt from his years of dancing, teaching yoga and time he’s spent actively working in a clinic setting. James is currently a practitioner at City Therapy; Active Health Group’s in-house clinic. His fun and gentle approach to teaching means students always feel comfortable and at ease with learning new subjects.

‘Learning a new subject and working with something as intricate and fascinating as the human body can be a daunting process but with time, practice, patience and some hard work I’m there to support my students every step of the way.’

James has a keen interest in the outdoors and in his spare time can be found close to nature on miniature adventures with his side-kick bailey (the Lhasa Poo). Being able to hike, climb and explore is a huge part of his life and nothing feels more natural than moving in nature.