Jenny is a highly skilled Sports Therapist who loves being active, spending time outdoors and travelling. She is a huge fan of good food,  family and friends, and is really passionate about Remedial Massage and Sports Therapy.

“Our lives are so full and fast. We put our bodies through so many stresses and strains and are led to believe that the majority of our aches and pains are something that are a part of our lives; apart of growing old and simply to be accepted.”

Jenny has a great mentor: her grandfather. A well studied, travelled, and knowledgeable man, he is a great Homeopathic Doctor (peer of Dr. Vogel) and is highly esteemed in this field of alternative medicine. He taught Jenny to “never stop asking. Never to simply accept what you hear, or are told but to question everything”.

Though she has worked with athletes and sporting professionals in the clinic, and pitch-side at sporting events as part of a team both here in the UK and abroad, the majority of her clients are everyday people who come to her in search for ‘alternative’ forms of treatments to help with both their acute and chronic aches, pains and injuries. The techniques found within Remedial Massage and Sports Therapy are scientifically proven, hands-on manipulations of soft tissue. These will help you with the aches and pains caused by everyday life or injury. Many of Jenny’s clients tell me how much better they feel after just one, stand-alone treatment.

Jenny passionately believes that no one should be left to accept that we have to needlessly accept pain. Remedial and Sports Therapy can help. You don’t need to be an athlete or sporting professional to benefit from it.