Trigger Point Therapy


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    On this 1 day workshop we will teach you how to locate and treat one of the most common musculatory problems that you, as a therapist, will encounter. Trigger Points can be cause some of the most commonly mis-diagnosed conditions such as:

    • RSI
    • Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
    • Sciatica
    • ‘Runners Knee’
    • and many many more



    With demonstrations of how Trigger Points can cause pain, muscular dysfunction and even postural problems, we will show you how to effectively treat them using a combination of Trigger Point Therapy techniques. You will cover ‘the big seven’ muscles, and show how these can have an effect all over the body.



    This workshop is suitable for all manual therapists (massage, remedial, sports) and bodyworkers and therapists who regularly face ‘clients in pain’!

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    Dates 2017 (1 day workshop)

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    TPT5 – 12th November

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