VTCT Level 4 Sports Massage Therapy Certificate

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    The main aim of the ITEC/VTCT Level 4 Certificate in Sports Massage Therapy is to enable Learners to gain the necessary practical skills and knowledge to provide Sports Massage Therapy to the general public, gain employment within the sport and fitness industry and to enrich Practitioners’ understanding of advanced anatomical, physiological and pathological principles relevant to the application of Sports Massage. It includes roles such as restorative and corrective massage using a range of basic and advanced techniques. Practitioners will also learn how to plan and evaluate Sports Massage treatments to inform the provision of future treatments.

  • Curriculum & Prerequisites

    Level 3 Sports Massage qualification or if you do not have a level 3 Sports Massage qualification, you can book both of these together to save £50!

    Course Content

    The main skills you will learn to perform are:

    • Conducting Subjective and Objective Assessment – to include identifying bony structures associated with major joints, identifying soft tissue structures located at the major joints, joint end feels, predispositions to injury and dysfunctions, factors that influence recovery from injury, treatment planning, postural types and deviations, pathophysiology of common injuries, methods and purpose of a range of objective assessment techniques and carrying out Subjective and Objective Assessments.
    • Treatment Modalities to Support Soft Tissue Repair – to include the aims of treatment and treatment options during acute, sub-acute and chronic stages of injury, treatment protocol, use of and adverse reactions to cryotherapy and thermotherapy.
    • Sports Massage Techniques to Prevent and Manage Injury – to include a range of soft tissue techniques, protocols to follow for each technique, evaluating the effects of each technique, preparing clients, monitoring tissue response throughout treatments, adapting the techniques and treatment plan to meet the needs of each client, adapting own posture throughout the application to ensure safe and effective application and presenting aftercare advice to the client You will also learn about client care and communication and health, safety, and hygiene which is essential to work and be successful in the industry.

    It also provides:

    • the related knowledge and understanding required to perform the Sports Massage Therapy listed above effectively, in particular, advanced knowledge of anatomy,  physiology and pathologies of the body that may influence the massage methods used to prevent and manage the injury.
    • opportunities for Learners to focus on the development of their wider skills in a Sports Massage setting such as communicating with clients, working with others and problem-solving opportunities for Learners to develop a range of skills, techniques, personal qualities and attitudes essential for successful performance in employment as a Sports Massage Therapist.


    8 days, plus home study, plus 100 hours case studies at Level 4. (You can use your case studies from Level 3 towards your Level 4 case studies).

  • Cost

    Full Price – £895.00 (Interest-free instalment payments available).
    Pay in full in time of enrollment – £805.00 (10% discount for full payment)

  • Level 4 Dates & Booking

    SM41119 (weekends)

    • November 30th and 1st December;
    • 25th and 26th January 2020;
    • 1st and 2nd February
    • 8th and 9th February.

    All dates are plus 1 additional consolidation and assessment day, taken upon completion of home study and case studies.

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