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Elevate Your Career with Comprehensive Training in Integrative Health

Welcome to our Integrative Health training courses, where we offer a comprehensive and in-depth curricula designed for aspiring and established health professionals.  We offer two levels, certificate and diploma, based on your needs, and each course is tailored to you, based on your previous qualifications.

What is Integrative Health?

Integrative health is a holistic approach to healthcare that combines complementary and alternative therapies. The goal is to treat the whole person—mind, body, and spirit—rather than just addressing specific symptoms or illnesses. This approach emphasises the patient-practitioner relationship, personalised care, and the use of all appropriate therapeutic modalities to achieve optimal health and well-being.

Key elements of integrative health include:

Patient-Centered Care: The patient is seen as a whole person, and their unique needs, preferences, and circumstances are taken into account. This involves active patient participation in their own health care.

Holistic Approach: It considers all factors that influence health, wellness, and disease, including the physical, emotional, social, and environmental aspects.

Evidence-Based Practice: Integrative health practitioners use the best available evidence to guide their decisions and treatment recommendations. This includes scientifically validated therapies from both conventional and alternative medicine.

Collaborative Care: There is often a team of healthcare providers from different disciplines working together to provide comprehensive care. This can include physicians, nutritionists, health coaches, massage therapists, and other specialists.

Focus on Prevention and Wellness: Integrative health places a strong emphasis on preventive care and lifestyle modification to promote long-term health and prevent disease.

Use of Complementary Therapies: Integrative health incorporates a variety of complementary therapies, such as nutritional therapy, acupuncture, movement, meditation, and massage, alongside conventional medical treatments.

By combining these elements, integrative health aims to achieve optimal health outcomes, enhance the quality of life, and empower individuals to take charge of their own health. This approach emphasises a comprehensive, individualised, and collaborative approach to health and wellness.

Why Choose Integrative Health?

The world of health is changing constantly, and even more so over the past few years, where more and more people are looking for an 'alternative' to the current mainstream health offerings.   With many people taking their back control of their health, there is still a huge demand for a more 'wholistic' treatment, and our programmes  stand out for their holistic approaches, integrating multiple therapies and disciplines to provide well-rounded education. 

Who Should Enroll?

  • Health and wellness practitioners seeking to expand their skill set.

  • Massage therapists, nutritionists, and fitness trainers looking to integrate holistic approaches into their practice.

  • Individuals passionate about health and wellness who wish to pursue a career in integrative health.


We offer these programmes as modular, or as full courses.  The courses are tailored based on your current qualifications.   

Comprehensive Curriculum: Covering soft tissue therapy, myofascial release, nutrition, trauma awareness, wellbeing coaching, and movement.
Expert Instructors: Learn from industry leaders and experienced practitioners who are dedicated to your success.
Practical Experience: Hands-on training and real-world applications ensure you are prepared to meet the needs of your clients.
Flexible Learning: Our program offers both in-person and online modules to accommodate your schedule and learning preferences.
Program Modules
1. Soft Tissue Therapy
Learn the techniques to relieve muscle tension, improve circulation, and enhance mobility. Our training covers various massage methods, helping you address a wide range of musculoskeletal issues.

2. Myofascial Release
Delve into the principles and practices of myofascial release. Understand how to identify and treat fascial restrictions, reducing pain and restoring function in your clients.

3. Nutrition
Gain a solid foundation in nutritional science and its role in overall health. Learn how to create personalized nutrition plans that support your clients’ wellness goals and complement their treatment plans.

4. Trauma Awareness
Develop an understanding of the impact of trauma on the body and mind. Learn how to create a safe and supportive environment for clients dealing with trauma, and integrate trauma-informed practices into your therapies.

5. Wellbeing Coaching
Master the art of coaching to empower your clients in their health journeys. Learn effective communication strategies, goal-setting techniques, and motivational tools to help clients achieve lasting wellness.

6. Movement
Explore the importance of movement in health and recovery. Learn to incorporate functional movement exercises and stretches into your practice, helping clients improve flexibility, strength, and overall physical wellbeing.

Take the first step towards a fulfilling career in integrative health. Join our program and become a leader in the holistic health industry. For more information and to enroll, contact us at [Your Contact Information] or visit our website at [Your Website URL].

Transform Lives Through Integrative Health. Start Your Journey Today.

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