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AHG was formed in 2000, and have been running high quality training since then.  We work with many industry organisations, and are frequently used for consultancy work with Universities, Awarding Organisations, Industry Bodies, Corporations, Elite Sporting Bodies, and Professional Associations, due to our wide ranging knowledge, experience and longevity.

Our Management team (below), is supported by a team of highly qualified and experienced tutors, assessors and quality assurers, with backgrounds in health, wellness, medicine and education.   


Richard Johnson.

Founder and Principal

Richard has a very long-established career, spanning over the last three decades, and is one of the UK's most experienced therapy tutors. 

Richard has played a leading role creating National Occupational Standards, as well as heading up various professional bodies, and sitting on industry boards.  

Richard plays a lead role in developing and teaching at AHG and combines this with his private practice and consultancy work.  

Richard holds Fellowships with the following organisations:

Royal Society for Public Health
Royal Society for Medicine

You can find out more information on his website at

Christian Platts

Christian first joined AHG in 2000, and after his initial training he went on to become the school administrator and in-house therapist.  After investing in the company Christian became the co-owner and has been an integral part of AHG for over 20 years.

After a hugely successful career as a Myofascial Release specialist, Christian now specialises in Trauma work after studying the three year Internal Family Systems, psychotherapy model.   He combines Integrative Health practices, using bodywork and psychotherapy to treat a wide array of issues.

Vice-Principal and Creative


Kirsty Cooper

Kirsty trained with AHG in 2004, and having specialised in Training and Education, now runs the AHG Training team!


Kirsty is also a Pilates Instructor, and a Health Coach specialising in cancer care. 

Kirsty has an extensive backgroup of delivering accreditation for various colleges and universities, and has played a leading part in writing many policies for the Sports Therapy industry. 

Head of Training and Quality Assurance

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