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Level 6 Diploma in Nutritional Therapy
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Designed for learners who wish to develop their knowledge to identify, assess and treat, potential imbalances and specific requirements related to nutrition. Topics include applied nutrition and health care, the application of nutritional therapy to health care through food and exercise, and applied nutrition for vegetarians and vegans.  

Level 6 is equivalent to a UK degree, and this course also covers research, critical analysis, and academic writing, for those who may be new to higher-level education, or have not studied for a while.

The total qualification time for this course is 565 hours.  (Average time for completion studying 10 hours per week is 56 weeks)

Assessment for this course is via written assignments and 25 hours of clinical practice (completed online).



  • TQUK Level 6 Diploma in Healthcare and Nutritional Therapy (RQF - Ofqual Regulated)

  • AHG Level 6 Diploma in Nutritional Therapy (vocational certification)

This course is accredited by the Federation of Nutritional Therapy Practitioners (FNTP).   We are also accredited by the IICT and IPHM to ensure your certification is recognised internationally.    If you are seeking international accreditation, please click here to download the IICT brochure.


The cost of this course is £3499.00 which can be paid in full, with a 10% discount and the course will be unlocked in full.  If you with to pay in monthly interest free instalments, you can pay in 12 or 18 payments, as shown below and lessons will be unlocked monthly over 12 or 18 months.


This is a 100% self-paced online course, delivered on our AHG Online Academy site.  With a combination of e-books, video, audio, synchronous and asynchronous live zoom classes, we cover all learning styles.   You also get access to our private member's group, and online study groups to ensure you are kept as motivated as possible.

To view the course on our Learning Platform, please click here.

To view sample course materials please click here.  (You will need to register on the site)

To book, please use the Book Now buttons below.  You can access your course once payment and registration have been made.


  • Anatomy, Physiology, and Pathology

  • Biochemistry

  • Health Assessments

  • Nutrition Foundation: Principles of Nutrition; Key Guidelines; Nationally Recommended Practice; Nutrition and Physical Activity; Collecting Nutritional Information; Using Nutritional Information.

  • Digestive System and Gut Health: The Gut Microbiome; Digestive Basics; Clean Eating for Gut Health; Fermented Foods for Gut Health; Probiotics and Gut Health; Detoxification for Gut Health; Moods and Gut Health; Food Sensitivities and Intolerances; Common Gut Conditions.

  • Nutrition Fundamentals: Protein; Fats; Carbohydrates; Dietary Fibre; Micronutrients; Phytochemicals; Water; Fructose.

  • Nutrition Protocols: Paleo Diet; Intermittent Fasting; Carb Loading; Carb Cycling.

  • Advanced Nutrition Protocols: Ketogenic Diet; Elimination Diet; Detox Diet; Metabolic Repair Diet.

  • Sports Nutrition: Carbohydrates for Endurance and Recovery; Protein for Strength and Gaining Mass; Vitamins and Antioxidants for Athletes.

  • Sports Programming: Nutrition for Endurance Athletes; Nutrition for Physique Athletes; Nutrition for Strength/Power Athletes.

  • Specific Needs Nutrition: Plant-Based Diets; Nutrition for Young, Women and Older People; Disordered Eating and Eating Disorders; Autoimmune Disorders.

  • Lifestyle Management: Sleep; Exercise Nutrition; Stress.

  • Supplementation: Vitamin D; Omega 3; Whey Protein; Creatine.

  • Evidence Based Supplements: Allergies and Immunity; Bone Health; Cardiovascular Health; Diabetes and Blood Sugar; Fat Loss; Healthy Aging; Joint Health; Libido; Liver Health; Memory and Focus; Mood and Depression; Muscle Gain and Exercise.

  • Gut Health: Leaky Gut; Gut-Brain Axis; 4R Gut Restoration Programme.

  • Clinical Conditions: Adrenal Fatigue; Diabetes; Heart Conditions; Immune System Problems; Autoimmune Conditions; Womens Health; Mens Health; Candida; Pain Management; Mental Health Issues.

  • Weight Management: Obesity; Weight Loss; Weight Management.

  • Exercise for Health:  How exercise helps with chronic illness.

  • Behaviour Change: Motivational Interviewing; Goal Setting; Empathy.

  • Setting up in Practice:  Professional Practice; Business; Marketing; Branding; Social Media. 

To view a full list of course content, please see our dedicated online course site.

To view sample course materials please click here.  (You will need to register on the site)

Earn While You Learn!

To support our students in these financially trying times, we now give you the opportunity to complete the Level 5 Nutrition Adviser Diploma first, at no additional cost when you book the level 6,  so that you can become qualified, insured, and start to build up your practice, or apply for vacancies, whilst you continue to study for your full Level 6 certification.  To help even further you can join the IICT as a student for just £1 once you have booked!


Our course is now open!   Book Below!

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