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This two-day course is open to Sports Therapists, Physiotherapists, or advanced level manual therapists who wish to learn trigger point location and dry-needling for Myofascial pain.



This two-day course is open to Sports Therapists, Health professionals or advanced level manual therapists at level 4 or above, with knowledge and experience of Trigger Point Theory and practice, and about dry-needling for pain relief. On this workshop, you will learn how to identify trigger points and their pain referral patterns in specific muscles and how to treat them safely and effectively with dry-needling.

Ideal for therapists who wish to expand their knowledge and skill base to incorporate dry needling into their practice.


  • History of dry needling

  • Basic understanding of the effect of dry-needling on the nervous system

  • An understanding of trigger points and their referred pain patterns

  • Safe and hygienic needle insertion and removal in a clinical setting

  • How to guide a client through their first acupuncture session

  • Hands-on muscle location and identification

  • Gain experience locating trigger points in specific muscles

  • Using dry-needling to deactivate trigger points

  • A unique approach integrating Eastern and Western philosophies.

Dry-needling is a simple, safe, and effective approach to working with pain which can be successfully integrated into the practice of almost any hands-on qualified professional therapist.

CPD Credits: 16

Fee: £295.00 

Pre-requisite:  Level 4 Sports Massage or Sports Therapy; Physiotherapy; Osteopathy; Chiropractic.  

Date:  4th/5th March 2024

Venue:  The Monastery Manchester, 89 Gorton Lane, Manchester, M12 5WF

**Please check with your local licensing authority and insurers before booking this course, as we are unable to offer advice on this.

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Medical Acupuncture Level 1
Medical Acupuncture Level 1
04 Mar 2024, 09:45
The Monastery Manchester
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