This two-day course is open to Sports Therapists, Physiotherapists, or advanced level manual therapists who wish to learn trigger point location and dry-needling for Myofascial pain.


2 -day Workshop Content


  • History of dry needling

  • Basic understanding of the effect of dry-needling on the nervous system

  • An understanding of trigger points and their referred pain patterns

  • Safe and hygienic needle insertion and removal in a clinical setting

  • How to guide a client through their first acupuncture session

  • Hands on muscle location and identification

  • Gain experience locating trigger points in specific muscles

  • Using dry-needling to deactivate trigger points

  • A unique approach integrating Eastern and Western philosophies.

Dry-needling is a simple, safe and effective approach to working with pain which can be successfully integrated into the practice of almost any hands on qualified professional therapist.

CPD Credits: 16

Workshop Fee: £295.00

Workshop date:   26th/27th June  - FULL