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Medical Acupuncture Level 2

Add an extra dimension to your treatments

This two day workshop is open to Sports Therapists, Health Professionals or Advanced Level Manual Therapists at Level 4 or above, who have prior certification and experience in Medical Acupuncture, and wish to advance their knowledge and skill level in this area. ​

On this 2-day workshop course you will learn the art of Cun or ‘body relative measurement’ for precise location of traditional acupuncture points and you will learn to locate and needle over 30 of the most effective acupuncture points for the treatment of pain conditions.


You will also learn 11 tried and tested protocols for the treatment of the most common neurological and psychosomatic conditions seen in clinical settings.


Finally, you will learn basic Cupping Therapy for use in combination for Medical Acupuncture treatments.

Course Content

  • An understanding of acupuncture as a reflex for extra segmental analgesia

  • The use of Cun ‘Body-Relative Measurement

  • The safe application of abdominal acupuncture

  • 31 precise Traditional and some lesser known acupuncture points

  • Astoundingly effective protocols for Disc Herniation (Lumbar & Cervical), Femoral Nerve Pain, Sciatica (2 types), Trigeminal Neuralgia, Thoracic Outlet Syndrome, IBS Pain, Costochondritis, Headaches & Migraine (3 types), Arthritis Pain and for the calming of anxious clients

  • The history of cupping therapy

  • The safe application of cupping therapy

  • Integration of cupping with other modalities

Learning to use this form of acupuncture will give you the tools required to effectively treat a range of pain conditions that other therapies cannot touch, and often in a surprisingly short period of time.

CPD Credits: 16​​

Cost: ​£275.00

Manchester Workshop Dates:

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13th & 14th July 2019