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Medical Acupuncture Level 2

This two day workshop is open to Sports Therapists, Health Professionals or Advanced Level Manual Therapists at Level 4 or above, who have completed AHG Medical Acupuncture level 1 or equivalent, and wish to expand their knowledge and skill level in this area. You must have an excellent grasp of anatomical landmarks and underpinning understanding of the principles of trigger points and their referral patterns.

If you are already using Medical Acupuncture within your practice, this workshop is a must, as you improve upon and hone your skills further. You will cover more advanced and refined trigger points on complex areas such as the Psoas, Masseter, Sternocleidomastoid and Serratus Anterior, thus building upon your existing repertoire and increasing your treatment range.


This will also enhance your anatomical knowledge, and deepen your understanding of Trigger point therapy and it’s application. 

Learning to use this form of acupuncture will give you the tools required to effectively treat a range of pain conditions that other therapies cannot touch, and often in a surprisingly short period of time.

CPD Credits: 16​​

Cost: ​£295.00

Manchester Workshop Dates:

26th and 27th March 2022 (very limited spaces)