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AI and the future of therapy

 a photo of a man holding an AI symbol

BT recently announced it could lose up to 55,000 of its workforce to AI by 2030. Banks are closing down daily, and there is a real threat of so many other job losses to AI. Just as we saw in the great financial crash of 2008, we are seeing record numbers of people either completely retraining or gaining extra qualifications to future-proof their earning potential. We also see as we have done in each economic downturn, a huge increase in people spending more money on their health and well-being. It is interesting that therapists whose roles involve complex decision-making, empathy, and physical interaction with clients are safe from the growing takeover of professions by AI.

Here at AHG, we have always tried to create training courses fit for the future, and it seems that we are definitely continuing this, with the widest range of courses that we have ever run! All of our courses require skills that just cannot be replaced by AI, and whilst AI can support medical professionals by providing diagnostic assistance or data analysis, human expertise is crucial in understanding clients needs and delivering personalised treatments, corrective exercise, or coaching sessions.

If you are looking to future- proof your career, why not look at one of our courses, and join us in the future of healthcare!



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