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VTCT Level 3 Diploma in Instructing Mat-Based Pilates

This course is designed to give the student an internationally recognised core qualification in Mat Based Pilates as well as the skills to use teach Pilates classes to groups or individuals. 



Pilates matwork is a series of exercises that are performed on a mat or a padded surface. These exercises were developed by Joseph Pilates and are designed to improve strength, flexibility, posture, balance, and overall fitness. Pilates matwork involves a series of movements that target the muscles of the core, including the abdominals, back, and hips. The exercises are typically performed in a controlled and precise manner, emphasising the quality of movement over quantity.


Some common Pilates mat exercises include the hundred, roll-ups, spine stretch, single-leg stretch, double-leg stretch, criss-cross, and the plank. Pilates matwork can be modified for individuals with different fitness levels, making it accessible for beginners and advanced practitioners alike.



The aim of the VTCT Level 3 Diploma in Instructing Mat-Based Pilates is to provide learners with a professional level of skills and knowledge to enable them to design, plan, and deliver safe and effective Pilates classes.




  • Coursework/Project.

  • Multiple Choice Examination.

  • Portfolio of Evidence.

  • Practical Demonstration/Assignment.



  • Commitment to Home Study – including assignments, workbooks, online classes

  • Commitment to 5 days of face-to-face practical workshops

  • Commitment to 21 case studies

  • Commitment to personal practice – min 20 taught sessions logged 


  • VTCT Level 3 Diploma in Instructing Mat-Based Pilates


  • Know how to support clients in an exercise environment

  • Health, Safety, and Welfare in an exercise environment 

  • Principles of Health and Fitness

  • Anatomy & Physiology for Exercise and Health

  • Principles of Pilates

  • Programming Mat based Pilates classes

  • Delivering Mat based Pilates 


July 29th to 1st August 2024, plus 1 assessmeny day tba.  (5 days)  An optional but recommended practice day is also available.


The Monastery Manchester, 89 Gorton Lane, Manchester, M12 5WF



5 days in class plus online Zoom lessons, homework, assignments, and case studies. From the first day in class to completion you have 12 months to complete the course.  Your practical assessment must be completed within 6 months of your practical workshop completion. 




£799.00 - 10% pay in full discount available.  5 monthly instalments available if booked before 31st May 2024.

(Please contact us for a discount code if you wish to book Level 3 and 4 together).

Book below.

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