Active Health Group Tuition Awards

At Active Health Group we firmly believe in giving back.   For all of our history we have been a not-for-profit organisation, and our Founder, Richard Johnson, set up Sports Therapy Organisation, which has gone on to be the leading Professional Association for Sports Therapy in the UK, he also set up Sports Therapy Foundation, which as a small charitable foundation, funded many students through their Sports Therapy training, offered training bursaries, and also built and part funded the Active Health Malawi, musculo-skeletal clinic in Mulanje, Malawi, along with Active Health Group.  

Since we have been faced with the current economic climate brought on by the coronavirus pandemic, we have seen many more people losing their jobs or having their incomes reduced.   With this in mind, we have been applying for various educational funding pots, in order that we can support our students.   We receive no government funding.

We have a small amount of funding available, for our Level 4 to 6 courses.  The amount of funding will vary for each course, and will be no more than 20% of the course fee.  If you are interested in a course, please use the form below and and we will let you know a) if there is any Tuition Award available, and b) the amount for the particular course of interest.

Tuition Award Terms and Conditions


The Tuition Award is not guaranteed and can be removed at any time, without notice. 


Only one Tuition Award is available on each course and only one per person.

The Tuition Award is valid on Level 3/4/5/6 courses booked before the expiry date.

The Tuition Awards do not need to be repaid, and they have no cash value.  They cannot be exchanged for cash.

You will be required to undertake some activities such as social media posting (e.g. a post about something new you have learnt on the course that will benefit others); supporting new students (at a later stage in your course); giving us regular updates on how you are getting on with the course; reviewing the training course.   We will give you full support to enable you to complete these activities.  


By completing the following form you give consent to Active Health Group to contact you via email regarding your enquiry.

Tuition Award Enquiry

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