Active Health Group Tuition Awards

(valid for courses booked before 31st January 2020)

At Active Health Group we firmly believe in giving back.   For all of our history we have been a not-for-profit organisation, and our Founder, Richard Johnson, set up Sports Therapy Organisation, which has gone on to be the leading Professional Association for Sports Therapy in the UK, he also set up Sports Therapy Foundation, which as a small charitable foundation, funded many students through their Sports Therapy training, offered training bursaries, and also built and part funded the Active Health Malawi, musculo-skeletal clinic in Mulanje, Malawi, along with Active Health Group.  

As times change, and the amount of charities grows, and also the fact that Active Health Group have also broadened the range of health related courses, we have decided to offer Tuition Awards, when funds are available, to assist those who would like to train, but would like financial help.

The Tuition Awards are based on the ‘giving back’ principle, and those of our learners who apply will ‘repay’ the award by various means, for up to a year after graduation.   These can include mentoring our students, either remotely or at our Manchester centre; supporting AHG through Social Media, i.e. tagging AHG into their good news therapy stories; providing case studies so we can build up a solid ‘experiential evidence’ base; supporting AHG at conferences or events; offering free/subsided treatments to support those who cannot afford; undertaking talks at schools etc, to promote the industry.

If after a year the candidate did not wish to fulfil the terms of the Tuition Award, the Tuition Award would be repaid to AHG.

The ‘work’ undertaken to ‘repay’ the Tuition Award will be at the market rates.

We believe this is the fairest and most philanthropic way of offering Tuition Awards.

Tuition Awards


These awards are valid on courses booked before 31st January 2020, and do not apply to any already discounted courses and cannot be used in conjunction with any other discounts.

The amount of Tuition Award will vary for each course.  If you are interested in a course, please email us at and we will let you know a) if there is any Tuition Award available, and b) the amount for the particular course of interest.



Tuition Award Terms and Conditions


The Tuition Award is not guaranteed and can be removed at any time, without notice.

The Tuition Award is only offered once these terms and conditions are agreed.

To obtain the Tuition award the candidate agrees to the following:-


To undertake unpaid work for Active Health Group relating to:

  • Student mentoring; either online (remotely), or at our premises in Manchester

  • Online Social Media support

  • Support at conferences and event


To offer free community support such as:

  • Talks or lectures at schools or within the local community

  • Free or Subsidised treatments

The ‘repayment’ of the Tuition Award will be decided between AHG and the Learner, in a way that will suit the learner, and take place within the first year after graduation from the AHG course.  This can be decided after graduation, and can be a mixture of the above. 

If the Learner decided not to fulfil the requirements to ‘repay’ the Tuition Award through ‘work-related’ means, as described above, the Learner agrees to repay the Tuition Award amount in full by bank transfer, and before the end of the second year of graduating from the AHG course.

If you would like to apply for a Tuition Award for one of the eligible courses, please email  All bookings and course payments/deposits must be received before 31st January, 2020 , so please email us prior to this date.

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