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At Active Health Group we aim to be as transparent as we can be.   Like any organisation dealing with many, many people over the course of a year, we don't always get everything right 100% of the time, but if we hear about an issue, we always do our utmost to deal with this immediately.  Normally a chat in person or over the phone does the trick.  We find that emails are usually not the best place to start, as they can go missing, and do not always get the point across in the best way.


Our Terms and Conditions are clearly laid out on our website, and our Complaints and Appeals Procedure is laid out as below.

Complaints and Appeals Procedure

It is the policy of Active Health Group to provide students with a confidential opportunity to raise any complaint and for this to be dealt with professionally, courteously and promptly.


Complaints Procedure


A student who wishes to raise an issue about their programme content, assessment or any aspect pertaining to their course should first raise the matter in writing to our Student Support Team via email, clearly stating their issues, and provide any evidence to allow us to attempt to rectify this.

If you do not feel your issue has been dealt with to your satisfaction, please contact our Student Liaison Officer, Christian Platts, via email. Please give as much information as possible to allow us to attempt to rectify your issue.

If you do feel your issue has been dealt with to your satisfaction, please contact the Managing Director, Richard Johnson, via email.  

At each stage, we will seek to address any issues, and this may involve speaking to tutors, assessors and quality assurers that are involved in your course.  We will ensure confidentiality is maintained.

Complaints raised with either Active Health Group will be acknowledged within seven working days. A response to the complaint will be submitted to the student within twenty working days.  For other accreditation bodies they may have different time-scales.


In the event of not being satisfied with the response to a complaint, the student has the right of appeal.


Appeals Procedure


The student must formally write to Kirsty Cooper: Head of Training and Quality Assurance,  to the address on the home page of this website (using registered delivery to ensure we receive it) stating the ground for the appeal, this must be done within one month of the disputed decision.  Within one month, an appeals panel will be held, consisting of Kirsty Cooper, an Internal Quality Assurer, and an Assessor, not linked to the course.  Their decision will be final.  A response will be given to the student via email within 7 days of the decision.


A log of all complaints and response will be kept at the college offices for examination by accrediting agencies.

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