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Conquer Knee Dysfunction: A Workshop for Runner’s Knee Relief and More

Elevate Your Practice with Expert Techniques in Knee Assessment and Treatment

Welcome to an intensive workshop designed for bodywork practitioners, sports therapists, and massage therapists, eager to master the complexities of knee dysfunction, including the common condition known as runner's knee. This specialised training session combines the latest research with practical application of soft tissue and myofascial techniques to offer effective solutions for knee pain and immobility.

The Challenge of Knee Dysfunctions

Knee issues, particularly runner's knee, affect a vast spectrum of individuals, from athletes to the actively engaged general public. These conditions can significantly impair mobility and quality of life. As a professional, equipping yourself with the skills to address these dysfunctions can make a substantial difference in the lives of those you serve, enhancing your practice and positioning you as a go-to expert in knee health.

What You Will Learn

Knee Anatomy and Biomechanics: An in-depth look at the structure and function of the knee joint, essential for understanding the origins of knee dysfunction and formulating effective treatment strategies.

Comprehensive Assessment Techniques: Learn how to conduct thorough evaluations to identify the specific type of knee dysfunction, with a particular focus on runner's knee, assessing its severity and impact.

Soft Tissue Therapy Approaches: Explore a variety of soft tissue manipulation techniques tailored for knee recovery, including massage, stretching, and strengthening exercises designed to alleviate pain and enhance mobility.

Myofascial Release for the Knee: Delve into the application of myofascial release techniques in treating knee conditions. Gain hands-on experience with methods that target fascial restrictions, improve circulation, and foster healing.

Creating Customised Treatment Plans: Master the art of integrating diagnostic findings with therapeutic interventions to devise personalised treatment plans that address both symptoms and underlying causes of knee dysfunctions.

Prevention and Rehabilitation Strategies: Equip your clients with preventive measures and rehabilitation exercises to maintain knee health, prevent re-injury, and support a return to full activity.

Who Should Attend?

This workshop is ideal for professionals who are passionate about enriching their skills and expanding their treatment offerings, including: Bodywork Practitioners; Sports Therapists;  and Massage Therapists.

Workshop Details:

Date: Location: The Monastery Manchester, 89 Gorton Lane, Manchester, M12 5WF
CPD Credits:  8

Cost: £99.00 - includes practical training, CPD certificate, and access to online video resources.

Instructors: Led by Richard Johnson and Christian Platts, both are renowned experts in complementary and alternative medicine, with a special focus on myofascial release, sports therapy, and massage, with extensive experience as practitioners and trainers.  Christian and Richard have a combined experience of almost 60 years and have worked with clients from all walks of life, including many elite sportspeople, and professional actors and singers from across the globe. 

Secure Your Place Today

Join us for this pivotal workshop to advance your capabilities in diagnosing and treating knee dysfunctions, with a special emphasis on runner’s knee. Enhance your clinical skills, deepen your understanding, and broaden your service offerings with cutting-edge, evidence-based techniques.

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