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Empower Your Practice: Fibromyalgia Assessment and Treatment Workshop

Harness Soft Tissue, Myofascial Techniques, and Nutritional Strategies to Transform Lives

Join us for an enlightening workshop dedicated to enhancing the well-being of individuals living with fibromyalgia. This condition, characterised by widespread pain, fatigue, sleep, memory, and mood issues, profoundly impacts the quality of life for millions worldwide. Our specialised training is designed for healthcare practitioners, sports therapists, massage therapists, and anyone committed to making a difference in the lives of those affected by this challenging condition.

Bridging the Gap in Fibromyalgia Care

Fibromyalgia requires a nuanced approach to care that goes beyond conventional treatment methods. This workshop aims to bridge the gap by providing participants with an in-depth understanding of fibromyalgia and equipping them with specialised soft tissue, myofascial techniques, and nutritional strategies tailored to meet the unique needs of these patients.

What You Will Learn:

Understanding Fibromyalgia: Dive deep into the complexities of fibromyalgia, including its symptoms, diagnosis criteria, and the latest research on its causes and pathophysiology. Gain a comprehensive understanding of the condition from a holistic perspective.

Advanced Assessment Techniques: Learn how to perform detailed assessments tailored to fibromyalgia patients, identifying key factors that contribute to their pain and discomfort. Develop the skills to evaluate symptoms accurately and create effective treatment plans.

Soft Tissue Therapy for Fibromyalgia: Explore specific soft tissue manipulation techniques that can alleviate pain, improve flexibility, and reduce fatigue. Understand how to apply these methods gently and effectively to address the sensitivities associated with fibromyalgia.

Myofascial Release Strategies: Master myofascial release techniques that target the fascial restrictions often found in fibromyalgia patients. Learn how to enhance mobility, decrease pain, and improve overall quality of life through targeted interventions.

Creating a Holistic Treatment Plan: Combine your assessment findings and therapeutic techniques to formulate comprehensive treatment plans. Focus on addressing the multifaceted aspects of fibromyalgia, including pain management, nutrition, sleep improvement, and lifestyle modifications.  

Supportive Care and Patient Education: Empower your clients with knowledge and strategies for self-care and pain management. Learn to provide guidance on exercise, nutrition, stress reduction, and other lifestyle factors that can significantly impact fibromyalgia symptoms.

Who Should Attend?

This workshop is ideal for professionals who are passionate about enriching their skills and expanding their treatment offerings, including: Bodywork Practitioners; Sports Therapists;  and Massage Therapists.

Workshop Details:

Date: Location: The Monastery Manchester, 89 Gorton Lane, Manchester, M12 5WF
CPD Credits:  8

Cost: £99.00 - includes practical training, CPD certificate, and access to online video resources.

Instructors: Led by Richard Johnson and Christian Platts, both are renowned experts in complementary and alternative medicine, with a special focus on myofascial release, sports therapy, and massage, with extensive experience as practitioners and trainers.  Christian and Richard have a combined experience of almost 60 years and have worked with clients from all walks of life, including many elite sportspeople, and professional actors and singers from across the globe. 

Join Us and Make a Difference

Take this opportunity to deepen your understanding of fibromyalgia and expand your toolkit with effective assessment and treatment techniques. Elevate your practice and offer new hope to those living with fibromyalgia by delivering compassionate, evidence-based care.

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